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I recently learned (the hard way) that quality DOES make a difference in a product, and you indeed do "get what you paid for".

Often when we see "deals" we tend to jump on it, thinking that we can get something for "barely" nothing. And if it doesn't go right, it's not that much money to throw away. But in reality, it's not the money you threw away that hurts, it's what this flimsy "deal" or "product" can result in.

A while back, someone told me there's a "deal" on memory cards (@ $1.99 for an 8GB one!). I didn't jump on it, thinking I don't need it. Afterwards, the person bought a few and kept it laying around the house.

When my 2GB Ultra Sandisk was misbehaving, and I didn't have time to go grab new ones, I asked the person if I could buy the ones they have laying around. Turned out, they gave it to me.

Well, all excited as I was to get a free memory card (an 8GB one too!!), I ran out to take snapshots of DD...THAT's when I realized, the thing is slooooooow as an ox...as I'm snapping away, it keeps telling me it's "busy" writing to memory...which of course meant I couldn't continue til it's done, which means by the time it's done, the moving toddler is also no longer posing for me...

THAT was an eye-opening lesson. I now realize why SanDisk Ultra ones are so much better and so much more expensive! Because they are so much faster!

Actually, nowadays, you can get a SanDisk Ultra memory card for so much less. I personally prefer the 4GB one, just because it's bigger than the 2GB one, meaning I don't need to switch out so often during a shoot, and yet it's smaller than an 8GB one which can take eons to download.

Plus, you should always keep in mind not to put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, the 8GB one holds a lot more, but if something goes wrong with it, there goes all your imagse for that session...so here's my solution...get the 4GB one...it's so affordable at amazon (or anywhere else you can find a better deal).

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