Monday, October 11, 2010


Forgot about these pix...they're from our apple-picking trip in Sept.

I couldn't wait til Sept approached, knowing that's when apple season kicks in. This was the 2nd week of Sept...I called around for any orchard that's open so I can take my bb there...

Turns out, this year's crops didn't harvest well..many orchards claim they're not opening to the public for apple picking...

I finally found one that's open, and it's open EARLY! The other ones wouldn't open til mid Sept, but this one said they were available that weekend, and I NEEDED to go that weekend...don't ask me why...the weather was great, a little breeze here and there, and I felt we HAD to take a road trip.

So we spent two hours on the road driving to this place. By the time we got there it was already high noon, hence the horrible lighting you see in these pix...

Unfortunately, we couldn't do anything about was too far of a trip to go back and return later...

DD still doesn't quite understand everything yet...she knows what apples are, but the idea that they grow on trees and that she gets to pick 'em...that's all too foreign to the whole time she held onto ONE apple, clutching it dearly close to her chest and wouldn't attempt to "pick" any from the trees...

maybe next year she'll have more fun?



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