New Spring Line Headbands, Mini Top Hats, and Toddler Zipper Ties

I've had so many requests for this particular design that I had featured on Peekaboo Photography's blog, that I've decided to create a line of its own, called the Spring Line - everyone LOVES these color combos, and they are a great hit for Easter. Again, they are available in my Etsy store.


I've also just started this new Fashion Line of Mini Top Hats
These will be great for photoshoots, and even birthday parties!!

Every single one is designed to be different and unique, yet they're all extravagant!


And then of course, we can't leave out the little boys...

These zipper ties are good for babies up to 5-yr-old toddlers.

I didn't make these, so they can't be on Etsy, but they are available for sale in my alternate online store: Photo Props And More

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