New feather pad headband designs

I sat down one day and adorned one of these feather pad headbands that I had with some extra tulle and ribbons that were laying around...

recently a friend of mine wanted something from my shop so I told her to pick out anything she wanted; her first choice was this yellow feather headband:

so that inspired me to create a few more  last nite, which resulted in these:



I'm really loving the bright color combos; I think they will look great in photos, and would coordinate very well with almost any outfit color. 

These can be custom made to match any of your very own outfits. Just email me, send me some pix of the outfits you want to match to, and I'll get my little fingers working for ya!

In fact, I recently did a custom batch for Kate Moss from Peekaboo Photos ; Kate and her family are heading to Hawaii this week and wanted to do a shoot for her kids; she sent me some pix of the dresses her girls will be wearing and I came up with the following custom pieces for her to match their cute little outfits (I can't wait to see the results of her shoot!) :


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